About me

Current position
PhD candidate @ VU Amsterdam
Department of Spatial Economics
Current objective
In September 2019 I started my PhD at the VU Amsterdam. My research focuses on the interplay of innovation, economic growth, and the environment. I would like to understand the role innovation plays in achieving sustainable economic growth.
Year of birth

Work experience

VU Amsterdam
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2019 - current

My research focuses on the interplay of innovation, economic growth, and the environment. Besides research, I teach the courses Environmental Economics (MSc), Inclusive Growth and Sustainability (BSc 3), and Academic Skills (BSc 1).

VU Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2019 - 19

I taught the tutorials of Microeconomics IV (Behavioral Economics) at the Tinbergen Institute. I taught the tutorials of Environmental Economics (MSc), Inclusive Growth and Sustainability (BSc 3), and Academic Skills (BSc 1) at VU Amsterdam. I was also involved with the supervision of two research projects of MSc students at the VU Amsterdam.

European Central Bank
Frankfurt, Germany
2016 - 17

Working in European banking supervision offered all kinds of learning opportunities in a fast-moving international environment. I worked mostly on liquidity, where I helped with the development process of new supervisory methodologies and where I developed tools in VBA (MS Excel) and SAS.

ONS Accountants
Elst & Huissen (Gelderland), the Netherlands
2013 - 16

It was a very flexible job where I did work on different departments. I acquired experience at the departments of Accounting, Pension Advice, and HR. Tasks ranged from administration to book keeping and from building programs in MS Excel to calculating costs of departments and setting optimal prices of products.

Lyceo Examentrainingen
The Netherlands
2012 - 13

As a teacher I prepared high school students for their exams. I taught Management and Organization, and Economics. Since May 2013 I am not acquiring new projects.


Tinbergen Institute
Amsterdam & Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2017 - 2019

The program provides thorough training in macroeconomics, microeconomics, and econometrics. The program prepares for a PhD. I specialize in Environmental Economics. Thesis with title "Energy prices, competition, and environment-related innovation" rewarded with an 8.

Tilburg University
Tilburg, the Netherlands
2015 - 17

I specialized in Sustainability and Growth and combined this with most of the courses of the Money, Banking and Financial Markets track. I wrote my MSc thesis on environmental stringency and directed technical change (weak Porter Hypothesis). Besides my studies I took place in the Sounding Board of the program.

CentER (Tilburg University)
Tilburg, the Netherlands
2016 - 16

I took additional seminars at Tilburg University's research institute.

Tilburg University
Tilburg, the Netherlands
2012 - 15

The program offered several courses on economics and business. I mainly focused on microeconomics, macroeconomics, and international trade. I wrote my BSc thesis on the effect of a misvalued currency on the trade balance.

HEC Montréal
Montreal, Canada
2014 - 14

Within my bachelor at Tilburg University I have been on an exchange semester in Montreal. At HEC I specialized in finance and management. This semester abroad also offered exciting travel opportunities.

Hendrik Pierson College
Zetten, the Netherlands
2006 - 12

I followed the Economics and Society profile with mathematics B, geography, German, and management & organization.

Other positions

MSc Economics (Tilburg University)
Tilburg, the Netherlands

With a representative group of students we tried to improve the MSc Economics program. We listen to the students and give feedback to the professors and the program coordinator.

Study association Asset|Economics
Tilburg, the Netherlands
2015 - 16

With the committee we wrote articles for the blog of the study association. Topics were related to economics, business and career events.

Study association Asset|Economics
Tilburg, the Netherlands
2013 - 14

With the activities committee we aimed to bring people together by organizing all kinds of informal events for the members of Asset|Economics.


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